Add On: Osleek Premium Steel Whiskey Stones

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Osleek whiskey stones revolutionize conventional ice cubes and make the perfect gift for that special someone that has it all and is hard to surprise. Osleek products preserve the original rich taste of your premium spirits without diluting your drink. Designed to maintain the perfect temperature, these stainless steel stones add a high-end touch to any whiskey, bourbon, wine, or cocktail beverage.

8 Stainless Steel Stones
2 Large Decorative Whiskey Glasses
1 Tong
1 Velvet Bag
Contents Provided in a Wooden Gift Box

Replaces water ice cubes to maintain the perfect undiluted and cold taste of your beverage. Specially designed for whiskey, wine, and bourbon, providing the perfect temperature recommended by all the big beverage labels.

Note that the purchase of this item does not include a bottle. All spirits and wine bottles are sold separately.


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