AKAL Chai Rum Le Sanglier XO COGNAC CASK (700ml)

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This exceptionally rare Limited Edition Cuvée is the first and only one of its kind in the world. It was created by one of the last West Indian family-owned rum houses, with a master blender who is one of only two women in the Rum Hall of Fame. Our limited reserve rum is distilled in Trinidad, then blended with two types of high-altitude Indian teas and fifteen tropical aromatic flower petals. Twice aged in bespoke barrels made by our appointed cooperages. The first aging is in American Oak Bourbon Barrels, the second in Limousin European Oak, XO Cognac Barrels. We call our innovative aging technique "The Méthode Sillage", a term used in perfumery. The method was developed to give the aged, slightly overproof cuvées a top note, a heart and a base note. The resulting perfume "floats" above a body of warm and complex botanical rum. Because the second aging takes place in Ireland's mild, coastal climate following the original aging in American Oak in Trinidad's rainforest climate the rums are tempered to release surprising notes. Altogether, no more than 1200 bottles will be available and only via our appointed E-commerce boutique, ReserveBar, or through select hospitality partners. No two years will be the same. Each cuvée will vary depending on the 'vintage' of the tea harvest in India as well as the fluctuations in the weather on both sides of the Atlantic.

A lingering perfume of cognac floats above a heart of rum with a base of exotic botanicals and earthy malt. A sip of LE SANGLIER feels like velvet on the palate with bold opening notes of exotic spice and flowers that progress to apricot, ripe apple and pear. It ends in lingering tones of caramel and malty tea. 

The result is a rum spirit of sublime complexity, without peer. 

Each cuvée tells our story: originating in India, settling in the Caribbean, and reaching back to Europe.

Enter a new world of rum spirit - the rest is history.


Bottle Size: 700 mL

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