AKAL Chai Rum with Smoking Kit

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AKAL Chai Rum Reserve

The first and only Botanical rum of its kind in the world. An officially recognized trade secret process in Trinidad & Tobago. Two distilling arts are combined, the art of the spirit distiller and the art of the perfumer. Limited reserve dark rum from Trinidad and Tobago aged in single bourbon barrels is married to two types of high altitude tea from India and tropical aromatic flower petals to create this "Luxury Spirit of Rum". This rum can be enjoyed equally as a sipping product as well as in elevated rum cocktails.

Sophisticated & complex the notes are slightly nutty at the start and evolve quickly into caramel and vanilla, rising to a crescendo of tingling spice. The finish is long and redolent of the rum's malty black tea of the high Himalaya.

Awards & Accolades

  • Rated 95 points ‘The Tasting Panel’
  • ‘ i2i’ award for Innovation - Government Of Trinidad & Tobago. 

AKAL Chai Rum Smoking Kit


“Smoke up to 8 Cocktails a minute without fuss and need for clean-up.”

The Akal Spirit and Cocktail Smoking Kit is unique. It allows for an elevated at home cocktail experience in seconds. Groups or parties may easily be served as the smoking process averages 7–10 seconds a glass.

Our kit uses organic grade kiln dried wood blocks, that are specially cut and sustainably sourced by our own atelier in CA., USA.

No glass cloches to break, no one time wooden chips to continually replace and no other “parts” makes for a quick and efficient process and a better smoked spirit or cocktail experience.

 The Akal Kit contains:

  •  3 Highly Aromatic Smoking Blocks – each work well with both light and dark spirits such as Tequila, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Brandies and Cognac’s.
  • 1 Culinary Grade Torch, 1 Branded Storage Pouch; and an instruction card to guide you through the smoking process.
  • Our concierge access, via the QR code in your kit, gives you updated recipes, music and more.

Smoke all manner of cocktails from Manhattans and Negronis to Martinis, Juleps and beyond.

The three flavors of wood blocks included with your kit are Cedar, Maple and Cherry.

Each wood comes with a history of its use:

Cedar representing “Eternity” is woody and sweet. 
Cherry representing “Love” is campfire, with sweet and tangy fruit.
Maple representing “Balance” is amber and vanilla with a hint of sweet.

Add to the experience even further with torched garnishes such as rosemary, pineapple, or citrus.

Celebrate the creativity that this kit will bring to your Spirit collection through an at home experience that will delight and elevate any gathering.

Please note that butane gas is not included with this kit.

Includes: One (750ml) bottle of AKAL Chai Rum Reserve and one AKAL Chai Rum Smoking Kit.

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