AKAL Taiga Baltic Porter

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AKAL TAIGA is the only Baltic Porter in the world finished in botanical rum casks. 

This release is available in a limited amount of less than 1000 bottles. Our next production will be October 2022.

Based on an ancient Baltic Porter recipe and hand crafted in Maine, this rich and luxurious lager is aged in AKAL Chai Rum barrels. 

The result is a unique beverage with bold notes of dark plum and coffee, emboldened with added notes of nutty flavor, caramel, vanilla, mild spice and warm rum. 

Befitting this exceptional cask-aged brew, The House of AKAL presents TAIGA in “champagne style” 750 ml bottles with cork, cage and foil.

This “Champagne of Porters” is a celebratory drink to be served slightly cool at cellar temperature of 45-47 F.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

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