Altaneve Z

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Altaneve Z is a very limited production wine that we hand-harvest on a 2000 year-old vineyard in Valdobbiadene, on a small plot below the hamlet of San Pietro di Barbozza on a hill that is named, Localitá Rive Longa. This micro-plot is so small that we can only produce 1,500 bottles per year, and it is worth all of the toil, because the terroir bestows an amazing minerality to the wine.

Our oenologist has spent over a decade perfecting this wine, using a super-extended 7-month secondary fermentation for the wine, unlike any other Prosecco on the market. Sitting on the yeasts for such an extended period, the wine has the depth and complexity of a Champagne, yet maintains the typical crisp, freshness of a great Prosecco. With this winemaking technique, the perlage, balance, and elegant finesse of the wine are unique and spectacular.

Altaneve Z is a dry sparkling wine, with 5 g/l of residual sugar, and it is exceptional as an aperitif, and a wonderful pairing for shellfish, sushi or fruit.

Bottle size: 750ml

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