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Jermann Pinot Grigio Friuli DOC

Pinot Grigio is a grape particularly at home in northeast Italy. Jermann Pinot Grigio is aromatic, layered and bright, this 100% Pinot Grigio opens with a tropical flourish on the nose and a striking straw yellow color. This white wine is full, smooth and very well balanced, with notes of green apple, juicy Bartlett pear and fresh-cut citrus, with a crisp mineral edge and hints of honey and melon on the long finish. This Italian white wine is appellated from Friuli Venezia Giulia DOC. 

Varietal Type: 100% Pinot Grigio

Appellation: Friuli DOC

Aging Regimen: Stainless Steel

Alcohol Content: 13.0%

Ratings: 91 JS

Famille Hugel Pinot Gris Classic

From the winemaker: Rich and full but still dry. Pinot Gris can be discreet, but also has the longest aging potential. The bouquet is soft and supple, intense, characteristically open and expressive, with fully ripe fruit notes, apricot, wild plum, licorice, a touch of buttery brioche, sesame seed, pistachio and fresh hazelnut. The wine fills the mouth and is well constructed, suave, velvety, soft and almost juicy, with a nice long aromatic finish.

“Classic” Pinot Gris is selection of the best grapes purchased from winegrowers under long-term contract in a dozen of the most favored localities in and around the village of Riquewihr and includes an sizable amount of grapes declassified from some Grand Cru vineyards of the Hugel estate.

Pascal Jolivet Blanc Fumé

By changing the name of his wine from “Pouilly-Fume” to “Blanc-Fumé” starting with the 2018 vintage, Pascal is taking the wine back to the its roots. “Blanc-Fumé” is the original name of the appellation that was created in 1937 (Blanc-Fumé de Pouilly) and used by his grandfather, Lucien Jolivet. “Blanc-Fumé” translates to “Smoky-White”. Why “smoky”? Because of the greyish hue (color of smoke) that the grapes get coated with upon maturity, as well as the “gun flint” aromas that the wine expresses.

As the neighboring Sancerre appellation is gaining popularity, Pascal is confident that the “Blanc-Fumé”  will “captivate wine drinkers who want an alternative to Sancerre.” With many similarities, in quality, grape (Sauvignon Blanc), it only differs in the expression of terroir.

ReserveBar Tumbler Pair 

A sleek, all-purpose glass tumbler, suitable for whiskey and all other spirits, as well as mixed drinks and wine. Made of lead free crystal.


  • Product Dimensions: 3.94" x 2.8"
  • Material: Non-Leaded Crystal
  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: 370ml / 13.05oz
  • Includes 2 Bar Tumblers

Includes: One (750ml) Jermann Pinot Grigio Friuli DOC bottle, one (750ml) Famille Hugel 2017 Pinot Gris Classic bottle, one (750ml) Pascal Jolivet 2018 Blanc Fumé bottle, and two ReserveBar Tumblers. 

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