Aviation American Gin with Two Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Waters

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Everything you need to make the perfect Gin & Tonic!

Aviation is America’s original craft gin. Created by pioneering bartenders in Portland OR who sought to create a supremely versatile and mixable gin, the brand is backed by actor Ryan Reynolds.

Aviation’s botanicals are infused by maceration – steeping them until the flavors have bonded – then redistilled. Many other gins are infused by vapor distillation– passing heated alcoholic vapors through a basket of botanicals.

Bottle Size: 750ml

By blending the essential oils from the flowers, fruits and herbs that we have gathered from around the Mediterranean shores with the highest quality quinine from the 'fever trees' of the eastern Congo, we have created a unique, delicate, floral tonic.

Mediterranean Tonic includes many essential oils of citruses and herbs gathered from around the shores of the Mediterranean. Lemon Thyme and Rosemary are two of the ingredients from Provence which provide the tonic with its uniquely floral aroma, boosting the subtle aromas of great vodkas and lighter gins.

Fever-Tree Bottles: 2 x 500ml bottles

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