Berry-Basil Barmalade All Natural Fruit Mixer

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Welcome to the cocktail revolution®! Making craft cocktails at home has never been easier with Barmalade®. With the flavor intensity of a jam and the consistency of a simple syrup, there is truly nothing else like it. Get your gourmet cocktail on with a Berry-Basil Bliss. All the berries and a touch of aromatic basil – who could ask for more? The original flavor combination that started it all, Berry-Basil Barmalade® will delight your senses and have you sailing into cocktail paradise.

Barmalade®’s real ingredients shine through in these mouthwatering fruit mixers. Not to mention, there are NO artificial flavors, artificial colorings, artificial preservatives or high fructose corn syrups - and they’re gluten free! Jam packed with more fruit than water, you’ll taste the difference when you add these intense flavor combinations to any cocktail. Barmalade® elevates the at-home cocktailing experience without the effort of hand muddling fresh fruit and herbs. You can make a delicious drink in less than 1 minute in just 4 easy steps: 1. Choose your Barmalade® 2. Choose your spirit 3. Add fresh lemon or lime juice 4. Add ice and shake vigorously. Mix with all types of spirits or add to club soda/lemonade/tea for an elevated mocktail. You can even use them to make dressings, marinades, top desserts and breakfast items.

Bottle Size: 3 x 10oz bottles (makes 10 drinks per bottle)

Made in USA

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