Billykirk No. 153 Passport Wallet (Tan)

Sale price£178.50


Our first few years traveling, we found ourselves fumbling for passports, id's, and boarding documents. It was a mess. To resolve the issue, we crafted this all-in-one passport wallet. Able to hold more than 6 cards, boarding documents, and your passport, gone are the days of digging through your bag in front of an inpatient TSA agent.

Two Interior slots for credit cards and large side pocket. Perfect for foreign currency, train tickets, hotel reservations, and stamps. Hand-stitched with heavy waxed cording. Hand-burnished and edged.

• Color: Tan
• Dimensions: 4" W x 5 3/4" H
• Materials: US Sourced Leather and Waxed Cording
• Made in USA

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