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Rayon Cognac XO

Lowe Imports, a U.S. based company, is excited to introduce its first product, Rayon Cognac X.O. to the U.S. market. Rayon Cognac X.O. is manufactured in LaRochelle France by the Godet Family, established in 1588. Lowe Imports selected Godet as its manufacturing partner as the family has been committed to producing quality Cognac for seven generations and aligns perfectly with the desires of Lowe Imports to bring a higher standard of cognac to the U.S. consumer.

Lowe Imports, through Rayon Cognac X.O., is committed to introducing a new experience to Cognac consumers.

Billionaires Row XO

Billionaires Row, BR Cuvée XO is the expression of the French savoir-faire, the art about blending and aging. Its flavors are sweet and smooth, delicate and complex, perfectly balanced, with fruit and spicy scents.

Served "neat", "on the rocks" or mixed in cocktails to release the fullness of the aromas. Before or after a decadent meal or for a moment of share, regardless of the occasion, drinking Billionaires Row, BR Cuvée XO always create a magical moment.

Branson Cognac V.S. Phantom

Blended by 5th generation, family-run producer Raymond Ragnaud, who has been in Grande Champagne since 1860, Branson Phantom represents the finest example of Cognac for anyone to enjoy. Sourced from top vineyards in the Borderies and Fins Bois regions and then aged for 2-3 years at a minimum. Phantom drinks like a V.S.O.P. due to the meticulous care taken at every step. With a golden brown color and notes of light citrus, apple, and tobacco. Phantom has a balanced finish that is smooth with just the right amount of burn. 

Aged a minimum of 2 3 years, some Eaux-de-Vie over 4 years old. Sourced from Borderies and Fins Bois Appellations. The French oak is used to give a soft finish. Sourced mainly from Alliers, Limousin, and Trocais.

ABV: 40%

Includes: One 750ml bottle of Rayon Cognac XO, one 750ml bottle of Billionaires Row XO, and one 750ml bottle of Branson Cognac V.S. Phantom.

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