Black-Owned Vodka Discovery Collection (5 Bottles)

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Loft & Bear

Loft & Bear is handcrafted in the heart of South Central, LA, and acclaimed as the "whiskey-drinker's vodka" by Los Angeles Magazine for its smoothness and rich aroma.  The soft mouth-feel and subtle vanilla notes characterized by the soft winter wheat grains are the reason Loft & Bear was named one of six spirits from Southern California for summer sipping by the Los Angeles Times.  

The spirits we produce and how we evolve in the beverage alcohol space will continue to be a reflection of our customer's needs and our drive to innovate.  We have a unique opportunity to fill a cultural void; to become the voice of a generation who’s shaping our future; getting more out of life, getting more out of yourself, getting more out of our spirit(s).

IslandJon Apple Gwayav

From initial aroma to silky finish, IslandJon Apple-Gwayav Vodka is made from the signature fruit of the Caribbean, the Apple Guava (gwayav is the French creole spelling). 

Raised in Trinidad and Tobago, IslandJon co-founder Levi John grew up within arm’s reach of two guava trees, their floral aromas permeating his home and later inspiring a truly distinct vodka flavor profile. IslandJon Apple-Gwayav Vodka is guava-infused, made with fresh purée, and rested at 190 proof, cut, and filtered to a perfect 40% ABV sipping and mixing experience.

Highway Vodka

The use of hemp at the highway distillery helps us provide a nuanced, balanced, unique spirit with a character unlike any other. No matter where we are in the process of making our spirit, hemp is there doing something unique to create something unique. And most importantly, helping to create a phenomenal, easy-drinking spirit unlike any the world has ever seen... Until now. Easy to drink tonight, easy on you in the morning.

Highway Vodka is distilled 6x, only keeping the hearts of the run to preserve some of the nuance and sweetness of the corn and the oils from the hemp. This yields a smoother vodka that has a noticeably different viscosity and mouthfeel than other vodkas. Highway is a vodka that can be sipped, savored, and enjoyed neat, chilled, or as a foundation to your most complex cocktails!

HH Bespoke Vodka

Harlem Haberdashery draws inspiration from the rich cultural history and distinctive style of the Harlem Renaissance. The result is a classic silhouette set off in our definitive expression of spirits. HH Bespoke Spirits are created by the family behind the Black-owned and operated award-winning boutique Harlem Haberdashery and celebrity custom clothing and accessories business 5001 FLAVORS

Launched in 2018 the spirit collection has received accolades from: Black EnterpriseDelish, DistillerForbesNew York Amsterdam News, The New York TimesThrillist and many more media outlets. The spirits have presented at Harlem Eat Up, Museum of the City of New York and United Negro College Fund Summer Gala, and other live events. The spirits are carried at numerous bars, restaurants and retailers across New York, Massachusetts, and California.

Du Nord Foundation Vodka

Foundation Vodka is highly opinionated, yet exquisitely balanced. Smooth comes slowly. Undeniably drinkable. Easy on its own, infinitely mixable in any situation. Winner of the 2021 Brand Battle for Best in Vodka from the Worldwide Spirits Wholesalers Association. Sales support the work of the Du Nord Foundation.

40% ABV / 80 PROOF


Includes: One (750ml) Loft & Bear bottle, one (750ml) IslandJon Apple Gwayav bottle, one (750ml) Highway Vodka bottle, one (750ml) HH Bespoke Vodka bottle, and one (750ml) Du Nord Vodka bottle. 

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