Camus Borderies XO Single Estate

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For the last 500 years the vineyards in the Borderies, Cognac’s smallest area, have produced some of the greatest and most aromatic cognacs. CAMUS Borderies XO Family Reserve is a Single Estate cognac produced exclusively from the CAMUS family’s private vineyards.

The CAMUS family ensures that the vineyards are cultivated in an ecologically sensitive manner preserving the environment and wildlife. Each barrel is unique with wines from each parcel of the vineyards being distilled and aged in separate casks. During the ageing process, CAMUS keeps each eau-de-vie separated without blending them. This allows the CAMUS Cellar Master to blend these eaux-de-vie to create this Intensely Aromatic, Single-Estate Cognac.

Bottle Size: 750ml 

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