Canaïma Small Batch Gin

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This premium small batch Gin was born in the Amazon, a pristine and mysterious place that has remained mostly untouched for generations. Unique weather and soil conditions nurture a variety of rare, local botanicals that are hand-crafted to produce Canaïma Gin. The family recipe incorporates ten handpicked fruits and herbs native only to the Amazon, combined with nine traditional Gin botanicals that yield an elegantly floral Gin with sweet tropical notes.

The Canaïma Gin project was inspired first and foremost by an unwavering commitment to sustainable development, and the protection of the ecosystems and indigenous communities that inhabit the precious Amazon region. The result, is a super premium Gin that not only exemplifies the highly unique botanicals of the Amazon, but also contributes directly to its protection, by donating 10% percent of total global sales to replanting trees and supporting local artisans. Our activey NGO partnerships include: Fundación Tierra Viva, FUCAMUVA and Saving the Amazon.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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