Cocktail Squad Whiskey Sour (4 Pack)

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A charming blend of vanilla bean, caramel and dusty wheat notes – flavors that represent the high quality whiskey component. Yet this richness is lifted by the bright aromas of fresh lime juice, lemon custard, and golden raisin. This lemony, vanilla bean scented cocktail is further enhanced with flavors of black tea, cinnamon, and charred wood spice on the palate. A delightful combination of rich flavors and bright acidic fruit notes that find the perfect balance in the glass. Try garnishing this drink with a brûléed lemon wheel, or a cinnamon stick. 

  • Real Premium Whiskey
  • 2 Cocktails Per Can
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • No Malt
  • No Beer By-Products
  • Refreshing & Full Flavor
  • Award-Winning
  • A Pioneer in the RTD Premixed Cocktail Category 

    Bottle Size: 355ml (10% ABV)  x Pack of 4

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