Cognac 1802 Pierre Chabanneau & Co

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Grande Fine Champagne.


  • Provenance: Christies Geneva
  • Vintage: 1802
  • Bottled: 1950
  • Shape: Cognaçaise
  • ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 700 ml


Chabanneau was founded in 1830 as a high quality cognac merchant company. Formerly an independent producer and shipper of vintage Cognacs. It was once a flourishing brand, established in 1830 by Pierre Chabanneau together with a Dutch partner, a cognac trader, selling their Cognac to the Dutch East Indies. Pierre Chabanneau was the manager of the wine cellar of the Grand Hotel in Paris.

The company flourished thanks to the trade with East Asia. After World War II the results were poor, especially after the Declaration of Independence from Indonesia in 1954. Later on the company was acquired by Camus. 

The foreign market was crucial, and they did not recover from the setback they endured in World War II. All hope for recovery was gone. Camus took over the brand and used it as a secondary label. The old bottles all have Pierre Chabanneau on them as opposed to the bottles produced by Camus, that only state Chabanneau.


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