Compass Box Hedonism

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There is a purity, a seductiveness and a certain enticing femininity to Scottish grain whiskies which can make them special among spirits. At their best, aged in good quality American oak casks, brimming with vanilla and echoing rich pastry cream on the finish, they are amongst the most delicious whiskies in the world. At their best, grain whiskies are the perfect whiskies to name...Hedonism.

A unique vatting of Scotch grain whiskies from top quality American oak casks, Hedonism's signature finish is long and full of vanilla cream, toffee and a touch of coconut. As an aperitif, serve with a small amount of chilled water. Late in the evening, serve neat. Also makes a great whisky sour.

• Gold – International Spirits Challenge
• Best Scotch Grain - World Whiskies Awards 2020
• Bronze - NY international spirits competition 2020
• 93 Points – Wine Enthusiast, 2020

Bottle Size: 750ml

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