Courage+Stone Manhattan (750ml)

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The double-gold award-winning Courage+Stone Classic Manhattan is the perfect balance of sweet spirit, rich vermouth, aromatic bitters and oak spice.  It starts at the source with craft-distilled rye whiskey from the exceptional NY Distilling in Brooklyn, NY. No industrial alcohol, coloring, additives or other shortcuts were used in the creation of these delicious, cocktails.

Courage+Stone is the brainchild of actor/director Aisha Tyler, who developed her personal take on these classic cocktails for years.  After perfecting the recipes, finding the right partners, and designing the brand, she is finally sharing them with the world. Well-known in Hollywood as an accomplished mixologist and spirits enthusiast, Aisha knows firsthand that making a great cocktail can be messy and labor intensive. In launching Courage+Stone, her dream was to create a premium bar-quality cocktail that could be enjoyed at home without the effort. 

Full proof and ready to enjoy, the Classic Manhattan can be served up and chilled, or on the rocks to fully appreciate the rich chocolate and spice notes of this delectable American cocktail.

Food Writer Alison Batz said, “The Courage+Stone Manhattan is much better than anything I’ve tried to make at home on my own.”

Bottle Size: 750ml

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