Cutwater Tequila Mixed (6 pack)

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Made with our real Tequila, each pack features 6 cans of our award-winning Tequila-based cocktails: Margarita, Paloma, and Tequila Soda (2 of each).

Tequila Margarita: A Bold Classic. Featuring Real Tequila. Known as the most popular cocktail in America, the margarita is a San Diego favorite. Featuring a bold Tequila aroma with bright notes of lime and splash of orange in the mix. Refreshing and balanced.

Tequila Paloma: Zesty Grapefruit. Real Tequila. This classic cocktail from mid-century Mexico remains a modern-day favorite. Our smooth tequila blends with grapefruit soda for a sweet & sparkling cocktail that will make any day feel like a beach day.

Tequila Soda: 130 Calories. Full of Spirit. Crisp with a kick. Tequila and soda water combine with a hint of lime for a smooth and flavorful classic that’s ready-to-enjoy anywhere.

Bottle Size: 12oz x Pack of 6

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