Edinburgh Gin Cannonball

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Edinburgh Cannonball Gin is a gin that lives up to its evocative name. Bottled at 57.2% abv, 100% proof. This higher alcohol content allows our distillers to add more botanicals, it has almost double the juniper and citrus than any other expression in the Edinburgh Gin range, this allows for a smoother mouth feel which counteracts the heat from the spirit. This is complimented by Szechuan peppercorns which give a warming tingle to the finish. Strong in both alcohol and flavour.

Cannonball is a favourite with bartenders, the balance of juniper, yuzu and Szechuan pepper married with its punchy strength and full character make it a superb liquid to use in everything from a G&T to classic cocktails, like a Martini or a Negroni.

 Bottle Size: 750ml

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