elit™ pristine water series: Andean Edition

Custom Engraving: No
Luxury Drawstring Bottle Holder: No
Handmade Leather Bottle Holder: No
Sale price£5,400.00


With only 250 produced, you can be one of the first to try the limited edition elit™ pristine water series: Andean edition. The crystal clear waters of Chile’s Colico Lake—discovered by the indigenous Mapuche people only one hundred years ago—are combined with the highest standard Alpha Spirit. The result is an exquisite vodka in its purest form, with a bright citrus nose and honeyed vanilla palate. You’ll receive the limited-edition vodka in a hand-cut crystal bottle, designed to refract light and enhance the liquid’s clarity. It is adorned with a silver medallion overlaid with gold and nestled in a leather-lined case crafted from Chilean Black Cherry wood.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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