elit™ pristine water series: New Zealand Edition

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elit™ by Stolichnaya® traveled to the untouched waters of the Blue Spring to craft 300 bottles of limited edition elit™ pristine water series: New Zealand edition. This outstanding vodka was crafted using the exceptionally pure waters which flow at a constant 11º Celsius year-round. The water then goes through elit’s meticulous journey of creating vodka in its purest form, resulting in a remarkably clean spirit with subtle aromas of citrus and fruit blossoms. The finished product is delivered in a crystal bottle, custom blown by artisans at Royale de Champagne Cristallerie in France. It is then wrapped by a galvanized cuff emulating the New Zealand Silver Fern before it is placed in a case made from ancient Kauri wood, found in New Zealand’s remote Northland region.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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