Facundo Eximo with illy Caffé

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Facundo Eximo

Facundo Eximo features a blend of medium to heavy-bodied dark rums aged in fine oak barrels between 10 and 12 years. Facundo Eximo is the only of the four rums that are blended before aging – a process which relies on the Master Blender to expertly tailor the flavor and aroma balance before Nature’s contribution through the aging process. Maturing in white oak barrels for more than a decade allows for a smooth, rich finish.

Facundo Eximo is best enjoyed on the rocks or in an elevated cocktail such as the License to ILLY, which you can find the simple coffee-based recipe below. Highly awarded and highly mixable, Facundo Eximo is essential for rum aficionados and budding at-home bartenders alike.

Facundo Eximo is perfect for gifting and packaged in a beautiful keepsake Facundo Eximo box.

illy Caffé

illy Ready to Drink Caffè, an Italian espresso-style coffee drink is destined to be your new go-to beverage. illy chooses only Arabica beans because they yield a slightly sweeter coffee with a softer taste imbued with a rich, subtle flavor.

• 100% Arabica coffee
• No preservatives, added colors or flavors
• Caffeine content: 152 mg/6.8 oz

Includes: One 750ml bottle of Facundo Eximo and four 6.8 oz cans of illy Caffé

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