Ferrand Cognac S.D.A.

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After decades of slumber deep within our humid cellar, Selection des Anges awakens and invites you to take a step with us into our vineyards. The rich limestone land crackles lively beneath our feet, whispering secrets of those who walked before: how to create a unique timeless cognac that brings with it a breath of fresh air. Paradoxically vibrant, yet with the rich roundness that comes with age, Selection des Anges allows us to experience the divine harmony of nature and pleasure. Selection des Anges opens with a bouquet reminiscent of baking on a spring day. A pastry profile fresh from the oven of raisin, honey, vanilla, and apricot is followed by elegant floral notes of rose and jasmine from the garden. Selection des Anges is a magical elixir that allows our senses to frolic. 

Bottle Size: 750ml

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