Figenza Mediterranean Fig Vodka with 2 Fever-Tree Ginger Beer and 2 Exclusive Branded Copper Mugs

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Figenza Mediterranean Fig Vodka

Born under the Mediterranean sun, Figenza is a breathtaking masterpiece made with the very finest fig fruits of Europe. Figenza is a completely natural experience of incomparable fruitfulness married with delicately smooth 6-time distilled premium vodka.

Figenza is made with hand-picked Mediterranean figs from Greece and Italy and is distilled 6 times to create one of the world’s most sophisticated and innovative vodkas. At 31% alcohol by volume, Figenza is gluten-free and whether it's been hand-picked in Italy or lovingly grown in Greece, the Mediterranean fig comprises a sweet, aromatic character with a one-of-a-kind flavor that makes it unmistakable.

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer 

Cloudy with natural sediment, this naturally brewed blend of three different gingers has a strong, robust ginger character with just enough kick. Not too sweet on the palate and with a deep, long lasting ginger flavor.

Made of a blend of complmentary gingers, including Fresh Ginger and Nigerian from Afican and Cochin Ginger sourced from India. Nigerian Ginger has an aromatic intensity to it that adds depth to the ginger flavour and perfectly complements the fresh zesty notes of the Fresh Green Ginger and the rich, chocolately notes of the Cochin Ginger.

Figenza Exclusive Branded Copper Mugs

The Figenza bundle includes 2 elegantly engraved copper plated 16 oz. mule mugs with rounded handles. The mugs feature the Figenza fig leaf and logo engraved on opposite sides. Perfect for deliciously chilled Mediterranean Mule cocktails!


Includes: One (750ml) Bottle of Figenza Mediterranean Fig Vodka, Two (500ml) Bottles of Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, and Two Engraved 16 oz. Copper Mule Mugs. 

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