Bourgogne Vielles Vignes Pinot Noir

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All of the vines are estate owned, and Francois' focus is in the vineyard. The wines are made at the family's estate, Chateau de La Tour, using identical viticulture and vinification as those notorious wines. Some of the vines used to produce this wine are over 40 years old, hence the name Vielle Vignes (old vines). Labet's common sense approach to winegrowing has brought good fortune through wines of extraordinary merit. The domaine is one of the few owners in the Clos Vougeot that continue to practice organic viticulture. Francois has been organic since 1992 and has started to encourage the growth of natural grasses between the vines to compete with the vines.

COLOR: Medium ruby
AROMA: Focused aromas of deep red fruit with earthy notes.
TASTE: Well-detailed, punchy flavors of plum and dark berry hold on and create a well balanced finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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