French Malt Whisky VOYAGE by Alfred GIRAUD

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French Malt Whisky matured in Robinia and Sauternes wine casks.

This December, VOYAGE, the first Exploratory Blend by Alfred GIRAUD, will launch in the US. VOYAGE is truly an exploration in flavor, combining French Robinia and Sauternes wine casks to create a never been done before whisky.  This first US release will consist of just 405 bottles, each individually numbered and representing one of only five casks produced worldwide. 

The Exploratory Range is driven by our desire to create inventive, balanced flavor while highlighting the unique tastes of France. Round and luxurious, VOYAGE balances the powerful oily grain of the Robinia wood with the soft sweet notes of the Sauternes wine casks. The combination creates an expression that shows the daring side of the Giraud blending philosophy. 

THE ASSEMBLAGE: An experimental whisky with only 5 casks produced annually. VOYAGE, is a blend of two of the best French single malts, one leaning on fruity notes and the other on cereal notes.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

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