Hardy Le Printemps Cognac

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Hardy Le Printemps Cognac is the spring edition in a series of four crystal decanters all produced in collaboration with Lalique Crystal, who are also responsible for the exquisite design. The silhouette is most feminine and the spectacularly sculpted, almond green-tinted stopper is evocative of the creations of René Lalique back in the early 20th century: the design imagined by Lalique for Hardy has all the beauty of the finest perfume bottles. The Printemps carafe is placed in the middle of a precious round case of white and pastel-hued leather with an ingenious front-opening system. Here too, sophistication and originality are the order of the day.

The carafe contains a blend of small batch Grande Champagne, partitioned off by Armand Hardy at the end of the second World War. Only 400 available world-wide.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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