Harridan Vodka

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Harridan sets a new standard for premium vodka, handcrafted in small batches in Ovid, New York. It is naturally gluten-free and distilled from locally grown, organic corn. Its overproof strength — 88 proof to be exact — is an homage to the bossy, defiant women of the past that inspired the brand’s namesake. Harridan's distinct taste stands out in a cocktail but is smooth enough to drink on the rocks.

Its craftsmanship does not end at the vodka, as every bottle of Harridan is one-of-a-kind, having been hand-blown in Mexico from recycled glass and then hand-dipped in Harridan's signature black wax. For those craving something more elevated than what the vodka aisle has offered until now, Harridan is the easy answer.

Bottle Size: 750ml 

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