Hennessy Les Twins 2021 Limited Edition

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Since its founding in 1765, the Masion Hennessy has upheld a tradition of supporting artistic creation.  This year Hennessy V.S and France’s world-renowned urban movement phenomenon, Les Twins, have collaborated to design the “Move Out Loud” limited edition bottles.

Through motion capture, Les Twins’ unique freestyle illustrates the expression of Hennessy through movement and music as a translation of the step-by-step Hennessy creation process, becoming patterns used to design the Limited Edition Bottles. The design is a call to join the movement beyond the previous territory, exploring new expressions of street culture in dance, fashion, and music. The collaboration creates a never-ending movement that represents Hennessy’s mantra, ‘Never Stop Never Settle.’ Much like Hennessy, Les Twins are in constant motion, aiming to push the limits, innovate, and challenge preconceived ideas.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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