Ignite Vodka (3 bottles)

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There are lots of people that wake up and put on an act each day, just to fit in.  They water down their words and dilute their dreams.  They follow the herd and simply obey the rules of the masses.  The ultimate pleasure seeker and party host, Dan Bilzerian, has never cared much for rules.  At Ignite, they are burning the rule book.  

They eliminated the need to add a bunch of calorie-filled mixers to mask the flavor of spirits built on advertising.  "At Ignite, we do not accept dilution as a solution."  Beginning in 2018, the party icon tasted hundreds of spirit blends to find his favorites.  Now Bilzerian is making them available outside his private events with a LIMITED public release exclusively on ReserveBar.

Includes: Three (750ml) bottles of Ignite Vodka

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