Jefferson's 3 Bottle Collection

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Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon 

Jefferson’s Reserve is a big, sophisticated bourbon that has a lot of flavor upfront, a lot of weight mid-palate, and a deep, wonderful finish.

Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon 

Jefferson’s Bourbon is made in very small batches. We take up to four different Kentucky straight bourbon whiskies of different ages and marry them together.

Jefferson's Ocean Voyage: Aged At Sea Bourbon

A thick, dark bourbon that showcases complex flavors reminiscent of other spirits; the almost black color and caramel flavors resemble a dark rum as the sugars within the barrels caramelized; the briny, savory taste from the barrels breathing the sea air is reminiscent of Islay Scotch; and at its core, it’s a true bourbon.

Disclaimer: Voyage number may vary.

Includes: One (750 mL) Bottle of Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon, One (750 mL) Bottle of Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon, and One (750 mL) Bottle of Jefferson's Ocean Voyage: Aged At Sea Bourbon. 

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