Jefferson's Ocean Voyage: Aged at Sea Bourbon with Rolf Glass Glencairn Set

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Jefferson's Ocean Voyage: Aged at Sea Bourbon

A thick, dark bourbon that showcases complex flavors reminiscent of other spirits; the almost black color and caramel flavors resemble a dark rum as the sugars within the barrels caramelized; the briny, savory taste from the barrels breathing the sea air is reminiscent of Islay Scotch; and at its core, it’s a true bourbon.

Disclaimer: Voyage number may vary.

Rolf Glass Diamond Scotch Glencairn (Set of 2)

The classic and traditionally designed Rolf Glass Diamond glassware is a staple for any glass connoisseur. Diamond-wheel engraved cross cuts are carefully polished to a beautiful sparkling luster. Available in numerous glassware shapes to suit your cocktail style.

• Dishwasher safe
• Imported Glass from Germany
• Cut and Polished in the USA
• H: 4 1/2“
• D: 2 1/8“

Size: 2 x 6.75oz

Includes: One (750ml) bottle of Jefferson's Ocean Voyage: Aged at Sea Bourbon, and two Rolf Glass Diamond Scotch Glencairn 

Please note the Glassware will ship separately. 

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