Jose Cuervo® Playamar® Black Cherry (4 pack)

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Jose Cuervo® Playamar® Hard Seltzer Black Cherry is crafted with Cuervo tequila plus the natural flavors of black cherry. It boasts an aroma of deep purple berries, roses, and crème. Its flavor is of slightly tart dark berry with notes of dried fruit, agave, and a very slight woodiness. All this luscious flavor with only 90 calories per 355ml (12oz) can. The new hard seltzer flavor from the #1 selling tequila and the #1 selling prepared cocktails brand – Jose Cuervo. Playamar® is also available in Lime, Grapefruit, and Mango. (ABV 4.5% - 9 proof)

Bottle Size: 4 x 355ml cans 

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