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Champagne Lallier was founded in 1906 in Aÿ, one of the few villages classified as ‘Grand Cru’ and a prestigious name embodying Champagne’s magnificent heritage. Lallier stands as a modern and respected Champagne House, thriving on reputed vineyards elevated through progressive savoir-faire. Its distinctive winemaking philosophy aims at enhancing the individuality of a terroir, which ultimate expressions are its flagship Série R and its hand-crafted prestige cuvée Ouvrage.

Lallier Série R is born from a creative winemaking philosophy, driven by nature, sincerity, and curiosity. Playing transparency by displaying its base year on the label, Série R is a Reflection on a specific year. It captures the purest nature of Champagne terroir individuality and interprets it each year through a renewed expression. Série R is the perfect balance of Lallier signature emotions: Freshness, Purity, Depth, Intensity. 

Bottle Size: 750ml

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