Le Portier Shay

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Shay VSOP by Le Portier is an inaugural release of just 25,000 bottles. Crafted in collaboration with football legend, Shannon Sharpe, Shay is an icon in the making. Traditionally double-distilled in Charentais copper pot stills and aged in French Oak barrels for at least four years, Shay draws together the aromatic elegance of Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fin Bois. Amber in color, with golden hints, its richly evocative layers of flavor and aroma travel from a delicate nose of caramelized apple, through dried fruits and toasted marshmallow to a lingering finish of spice.

The sleek bottle sits securely in a dark wooden box, its curves hugged by the soft grey interior. Each limited release of Shay features a monogrammed closure in semi-precious black obsidian. The first release offers an L, the second an E, and so on. Secure a bottle from each of the nine limited releases to complete LE PORTIER and display the full collection.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

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