Limousin Rye Whiskey

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Our Limousin Rye whiskey pronounced  “LIM•UH•ZIN” is a blend of multiple mash bills that together create the best expression in each batch. The three mash bills are aged separately where the proportions of Corn, Malt, and Rye are varied. The different whiskies are aged, then dumped and blended for best taste and allowed to finish aging in a Limousin Oak solera system to allow flavor marrying. Using a balance of new French Oak in addition to vintage American Oak allows our product to better compliment the ingredients in classic whiskey cocktails.

Our mash bill uses more corn than most rye whiskeys. We find that the tastes of corn and rye get more complementary as they get closer to equal proportions. Limo Rye is aged in used bourbon barrels. Our goal is to protect the spicy flavor of the rye grain. The finishing touch is Limousin Oak, which is the most expensive cooperage in the world. Limousin Oak gives Limo Rye its signature sweet vanilla taste. We finish our whiskey in a custom solera system of Limousin Oak barrels.

Bottle Size: 750ml 

Proof ranges from 90-95 depending on availability. 

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