Liquore Strega

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In 1860 Giuseppe Alberti and his apothecary father revised an ancient recipe for a herbal liqueur that according to legend was brewed by witches in the area used as a love potion; this is how it got its name Strega (witch).

Strega is premium herbal liqueur distilled from a mixture of  over 70 different herbs and spices. The ingredients are sourced from the best parts of the world; Europe, Central America and from the Orient.  Among the ingredients are: cinnamon from Ceylon, juniper from Italian Appennino, and mint that grows wild on the river banks around Benevento.  Its characteristic golden colour is given by distillated saffron extract. Strega is matured in oak barrels that enhance the bouquet and taste.

The recipe for this liqueur is a closely guarded secret within the Alberti family. It has been handed down through five generations always from father to son.

Due to its versatility, Liquore Strega can be enjoyed in many ways; chilled, aperitive, digestive and in classic or crafted cocktails.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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