Mad March Hare Irish Poitín

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Forget whiskey, poitín is Ireland’s best kept secret. It’s been knocking around since the 6th century, making it the oldest spirit in the world. Mad stuff.


First distilled by monks, (God bless you lads), the Irish enjoyed poitín for a thousand years before it was banned by the Brits in 1661. But we are a resilient bunch and poitín never really went away. It remained part of Irish drinking culture and you always knew a man, who knew a man that could get you a bottle. Now legal again, poitín can now be found on backbars all across Ireland, instead of under the counter. 

At Mad March Hare, we use only the finest, locally sourced malted barley and distill three times in small copper pot stills in the traditional style. In fact only three ingredients; Water, Malted Barley & Yeast are used during production at our distillery in West Cork. We then cut the spirit with fresh Irish spring water to 40% ABV resulting in a drink that is full of character and exceptionally smooth. Sláinte!


  • Best Irish Poitín - Irish Whiskey Awards (2019)
  • Gold - SIP Awards (2018)
  • Double Gold Winner - SF World Spirits Competition (2016)
  • Great Value - Ultimate Spirits Competition (2016)


Bottle Size: 700ml

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