Maestro Dobel® Pavito

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Limited Edition Maestro Dobel® Pavito™ is the world’s 1st Pechuga tequila: boasting an array of flavors due to the maceration of traditional Mexican fruits and spices. To inspire innovation, Dobel revisits and adapts ancestral methods. For Pavito, a third distillation is added to our best silver tequila, infusing the vapors with aromas of seasonal fruits, spices and turkey breast*. Smooth yet complex, the spirit evokes tejocote, apple, anise, and cinnamon. This pristine 100% agave tequila is the perfect aperitif, or enjoy it in its purest form, neat. (40% ABV – 80 proof) *Turkey breasts are only used to aromatically infuse tequila maceration, hung at the top of the still, and are never in direct contact with the liquid.  

Bottle Size: 750ml

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