Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

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Highway Vodka

The use of hemp at the highway distillery helps us provide a nuanced, balanced, unique spirit with a character unlike any other. No matter where we are in the  process of making our spirit, hemp is there doing something unique to create something unique. And most importantly, helping to create a phenomenal, easy drinking spirit unlike any the world has ever seen... Until now. Easy to drink tonight, easy on you in the morning.

Highway Vodka is distilled 6x, only keeping the hearts of the run to preserve some of the nuance and sweetness of the corn and the oils from the hemp. This yields a smoother vodka that has a noticeably different viscosity and mouth feel than other vodkas. Highway is a vodka that can be sipped, savored and enjoyed neat, chilled or as a foundation to your most complex cocktails!

Hella Cocktail Moscow Mule Cocktail Mixer

Never mix a drink you can't pronounce.

Moscow Mules served in beautiful copper cups are all the rage. You can also use this mix as a Ginger Lime syrup in classic drinks like a Dark & Stormy. Or just add club soda for a refreshing ginger beer with just enough kick.

• Made with Real Lime Juice & Ginger
• Simply Combine With Club Soda for a Craft Ginger Beer
• No High Corn Fructose, Artificial. Colors or Flavors
• 12 Servings per Bottle
• Non-Alcoholic
• Made in: USA
• Gluten Free
• Vegan

Rolf Glass Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mug (Set of 2)

Designed to keep drinks colder. Perfect for serving cocktails, beer, and even iced tea! Hammered solid copper body, lined with nickel. Brass handle for easy and comfortable grip.

• Hand-wash Recommended
• H: 4“
• D: 3 3/4“
• W: w/handle 4 3/4"

Size: 2 x 16oz

Includes: One (750ml) bottle of Highway Vodka, one (750ml) Hella Cocktail Moscow Mule Cocktail Mixer, and two Rolf Glass Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mug.

Please note the Rolf Glass will ship separately.

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