New Liberty Dutch Malt Whiskey

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The Pennsylvania Dutch came to America from Germany in the 17th century. This Dutch malt whiskey, made with traditional “Munich-style" malt, is a fitting tribute to those early pioneers whose rich traditions and enduring legacy still lives on today. Some of the first whiskey distilled in America hailed from this storied region, where what they ate and drank relied on what they planted and harvested. We’ve sourced our two-row barley from Deer Creek Malt House in Chester County, PA, for a depth of flavor only possible using traditional floor malting techniques.

This malt has characteristics of caramelized nuts and toasted bread. A glass of New Liberty Dutch Malt Whiskey begins with ripe fruit on the nose, followed by a subtle spice flavor that deepens to a lingering dark chocolate and coffee finish. You do not want to lose the great flavors of this malt, so classic cocktails that are traditionally made with scotch, such as a Rob Roy, are suggested.

2016 - American Distilling Institute Double Gold Medal and Best Of Category

Bottle Size: 750ml

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