Pallini Limoncello Cream with Stellina Di Notte Prosecco

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This delicate cream liqueur is the perfect marriage of Pallini Limoncello and the freshest Italian dairy cream. Pallini Limoncello Cream is crafted only using Italy’s finest Sfusato Amalfitano lemons, carefully hand-picked for optimal freshness and flavor.

Serve chilled, on the rocks or mix with club soda for a frothy cream soda.

Bottle size: 750ml

Stellina di Notte Prosecco 2011

Stellina di Notte Prosecco 2011 is a fun, affordable sparkling wine with delicate aromas of citrus, pear, melon, lemon and almonds. Elegant bubbles enliven the flavors, making them dance on the palate. The body is light, with a lovely balance between crisp acidity and a touch of sweetness. The hint of minerals in the finish is a classic quality of the Prosecco grape, which has been grown in the Tre Venezie region of Northern Italy since Roman times.

Bottle Size: 750ml

This gift set includes:
1 x 750ml Pallini Limoncello Cream
1 x 750ml Stellina di Notte Prosecco 2011

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