Rare Stash Bourbon

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Rare Stash Bourbon is a unique and rare collection of artfully crafted bourbons from limited and rare lots (stashes) of bourbon and whiskey. Each release is unique, as we allow the natural qualities of the bourbon ingredients and the purity of the distillate to harmonize with each unique barrel its aged in during the aging process. Rare Stash doesn't blend its bourbon to taste the same from bottle to bottle like many others do. Instead, we allow the natural character of the bourbon ingredients and barrel along with the climate its aged in, to be realized in each Rare Stash Bourbon offering. Each Rare Stash offering will be a new and exciting drink experience to savor and enjoy. 

Rare Stash exemplifies the unique qualities in each of us. Rare Stash celebrates all the Rare moments we all encounter along the unique journey's in life we are on.  Rare Stash honors all those who live or aspire to live the "Live Rare, Be Rare" lifestyle that is unique to each person no matter where they are or where they are going. Brand owner Dustin Poirier exemplifies the Rare Stash brand theme with his unique and rare qualities exemplified by his journey and his fighting spirit each and every day. Rare moments occur daily and Rare Stash is made for the celebration of those moments whether small victories or big accomplishments. Enjoy Rare Stash neat or in glass with a single cube of ice and soak in all the aroma and multi-layered flavors and finishes each Rare Stash offering uniquely delivers.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

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