Rolf Glass Twist Stemless Flutes 8.75oz (Set of 2)

Sale price£61.50


These stemless champagne flutes are diamond-wheel engraved adding elegance to everyday use.

With a sleek, elongated bowl, this flute brings out the aroma and flavor of your favorite bubbly.

Whether making a big toast or enjoying a mimosa with brunch, this elegant 8.5 oz. flute is perfect for any celebration! Its stemless slender body minimizes the risk of breakage while maintaining a contemporary appearance.

Each toasting flute measures 5.75 inches H by 2.25 inches D and holds 8.5 ounces.

Each champagne flute is crafted of durable lead-free glass made in the USA. Conveniently dishwasher-safe, these flutes will make your next dinner party clean-up a breeze.

 Includes: Two (8.75oz) Rolf Glass Twist Stemless Flutes.

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