Rolf Numbskulls Double Old Fashioned Glasses (Set of 4)

Sale price£85.50


Typically, skulls are used as symbols of death and sadness, but not these folks. The Rolf Glass Numbskull crew is determined to cast aside those stereotypes and show off their lust for life and fun-loving attitude. Each skull is wearing their favorite hat, which they feel says the most about them. The classic Fedora wants you to know that they’re truly a class act. The casual Beanie wants you to know that they’re always looking to make time to kick back and have fun. The rhythmic Headphones are just looking for a place to escape for just a little while from the hectic world all around them. The powerful Crown simply wants to let everyone know who’s in charge. There’s plenty of merriment and cheer that come with these lighthearted netherworld defectors.

• Dishwasher safe
• Manufactured in the USA
• Sand-etched in the USA
• 14oz
• H: 4 1/8" 
• D: 3 3/8"
• Set of 4

Note:  Glasses will ship separately.

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