Royal Salute 21 Years Old Scotch Whisky

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Royal Salute is the only permanent whisky range aged 21 years and older, making it the world’s leading luxury whisky range.

When he created Royal Salute 21 Scotch whisky in 1953, Charles Julian, who was also an expert tea blender, had the responsibility of defining Royal Salute’s signature blend: an unforgettable, commanding, complex, velvet smooth Scotch whisky with a powerful and sophisticated style.

Royal Salute 21 years old Scotch whisky was launched as a reference to the 21-gun salute, the tradition of firing guns to celebrate special State and Royal occasions.
Its unique flagon is made of porcelain, crafted by Wade Ceramics (UK). The first flagon in 1953 was crafted by Royal Doulton.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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