Signatory Single Cask Glenlivet 13 Year (Cask #900281)

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From the best-selling Single Malt distillery, here comes a rare chance to try Glenlivet in its purest form: from a single cask and bottled at natural cask strength, with no added color and no chill-filtration.  It is bottled exactly how it came from the cask that held it.

After tasting, one will surely have to double check the label: this drinks like something bottled at 50-55% ABV, not 63.4%.  That high proof, and the effects of full-term 1st fill sherry butt maturation, results in one dense, full whisky.  It oozes fruity notes, landing somewhere between spiced mulled wine and spiked sangria, but still, at the same time, doesn't drink overly sweet; the ABV, spice notes, and malt character all work together to counterbalance any notion of over sweetness, landing on an incredibly balanced, beautifully composed sherried dram.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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