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The Legacy of ‘81 is a tribute to Lord Henry Conyngham’s vision 40 years ago to bring Ireland together by throwing the country’s biggest rock concert in 1981 on his front lawn of Slane Castle, the family’s home since the 18th century. His vision lives on having played host to some of the world’s biggest music acts of today and tomorrow.

This whiskey amps up the flavour that comes from Slane Irish Whiskey’s signature triple casked method using extra Virgin Oak barrels to blend with Seasoned and Sherry Barrels. The extra Virgin Oak Barrels dial up the toasted oak and vanilla notes found in our core Slane blend to deliver a rich, complex whiskey. The Legacy of ‘81 is a whiskey that can stand on its own, on the rocks, or sing through a cocktail.

Bottle Size: 750 mL

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