Spa Girl Cocktails Signature Vodka Cocktails (24 Pack)

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Women’s History Month Feature: Karen Haines, Founder, and Alisa Marie Beyer, CEO, lead an all-woman executive team at Spa Girl Cocktails, “powered by women, owned by women and made for women.”

Perfect peach, sweet pear, refreshing cucumber, this variety pack is all about treating yourself and celebrating life’s special moments with each sip of insanely flavorful Spa Girl Cocktails. This unique 24-can variety pack contains eight cans of each Signature Vodka Cocktail (Cucumber, Pear, Peach).

Spa Girl Cocktails, the #1 most award-winning cocktail, is a “healthier,” better-for-you canned cocktail known for its insanely delicious taste, healthier ingredients, and premium vodka. At 16.5% ABV (33 proof) this cocktail is the little can that packs a punch allowing you to drink less to enjoy more.

Less liquid means fewer calories! This ready-to-drink spirit is low-carb, low-calorie, low-sugar, vegan, gluten-free, 100% plant-based, nothing artificial.

Bottle Size: 4.8 L pack (24-200 mL cans)

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