Stoli® LGBTQ+ Harvey Milk Limited Edition

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This individually-numbered Limited Edition LGBTO+ tribute bottle is the second in a series honoring pioneer of the modern LGBTO+ civil rights movement Harvey Milk, and continues Stoli's long-standing support of LGBTO+ communities world-wide and the work for global equality of the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Harvey Milk was sworn into office as one of the world's first openly gay elected officials in 1978, and made international headlines by encouraging LGBTO+ citizens to come out, believing this was the only way to achieve social equality. Today, Harvey's message of hope for a world that celebrates human diversity continues to impact the globe through the award-winning work of the Harvey Milk Foundation, providing on-the-ground support to emerging LGBTO+ communities on six continents in over 40 nations.

The artwork featured on the bottle label was created by renowned artist Oz Montania who took inspiration from Harvey Milk leading thousands of people in the march for tolerance and equality during the Gay Freedom Day Parade in 1978, wielding the infamous poster declaring that "Hope will never be silent!

Bottle Size: 1L

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